Kitchen Safety Matches

Epoch exports are known for being top-notch kitchen matches exporters in India. Epoch Exports Kitchen safety matches offer both carbonized as well as non-carbonized matchsticks. We source woods like white pine and aspen from reliable vendors for the match body. Our kitchen safety matches recognize for their high bend and breakage strength. Matchsticks can use in the kitchen to light the stove. Also, it uses to light fireplaces, campfires, camp stoves, or barbecues. Kitchen safety matches are regular, bigger cardboard matches that can hold many kitchen match sticks. It’s ideal for use in homes due to its prolonged usage. Usually, more than 100 sticks are in a box depending on the size of the safety matches factory. All such factors make us one of the first and foremost kitchen matchstick exporters in India.

Why Choose Epoch Exports kitchen Matches ?

  • Easy to use on kitchen
  • Ideally made for kitchen
  • Wooden / Rubber Splints
  • Impregnated Raw materials
  • Carbonized boxes
  • Designed to hold better.

Splints We Offer (Can Be Customized)

Customization of the splints is what makes us unique from other manufacturers, and the color of the splints that Epoch provide is black, brown, and red.

Long Kitchen Matches

Your trusted source for long kitchen matches that combine style, functionality, and safety. Our carefully crafted matches are designed with an extended length, providing a longer burn time for all your cooking needs. With our brand’s dedication to quality, you can rely on our matches to ignite effortlessly, making them perfect. Choose Epoch Exports for quality, style, and a touch of sophistication in every match.
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Long Kitchen Matches

Specification Of Kitchen Safety Matches

The specification of matches varies for different match sticks. We offer kitchen matches in the size of 1650, 1800, and 1350 cartons. The 1650 cartons range 118*65* 25 millimetres. The 1800 cartons’ size range 84*50*28 millimetres. The 1350 cartons’ size range is 71*53*25 millimetres.

Size we offer Size we offer
118 x 65 x 25 mm 1650 cartons
84 x 50 x 28 mm 1800 Cartons
71 x 53 x 25 mm 1350 Cartons

Reliable Kitchen Matches

Introducing Epoch Exports, your go-to destination for reliable kitchen matches. Our matches are meticulously crafted to provide a consistent and dependable flame, making them the perfect companion for all your cooking endeavors. Trust Epoch Exports for matches that ignite with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience in the kitchen.
Colour of Head

The coated end of the kitchen match stick is in different colours. In addition, epoch Exports customize black, brown, and red splints.

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Wax Safety Matches Manufacturers
Side Friction

We offer side friction in two ways: dotted with margin and plain strip with margin.

Wax Matchbox Manufacturers
Wax Matchbox Manufacturers
Number of Sticks Per Box

100 Filling | 200 Filling | 240 Filling

We At Epoch Exports Are Trusted Ignition Safety Matches Products

Step into a world of secure ignition solutions with Epoch Exports. Our reputation speaks for itself – we’re the go-to for reliable safety matches. Explore a range that ensures both safety and functionality, leaving no room for compromise. Your trust is our priority.

Packing (Can Be Customized)

We’ve worked hard to create top-notch kitchen matches that are perfect for you. We have two types of matches: one with dots and a margin, and another with a plain strip and margin. You can choose based on what you like. We really care about your safety and want to give you the best experience. So, when you need kitchen matchsticks, think of us. Make your kitchen moments safer and better with Epoch Exports – the choice that’s all about you!

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Why choose Kitchen Safety Matches?

Kitchen safety matches are regular cardboard matches that are bigger and can contain many kitchen match sticks. It’s ideal for use in homes due to its prolonged usage. Thus, kitchen safety matches are also known as household matches. Compared to other safety matches, the stick is more extensive and more comprehensive in size; therefore, they are always safe to use.

What are the raw materials used in preparing Kitchen Safety Matches?

Raw materials such as sulphur, potassium chlorate, powdered glass, and animal glue are a few basic materials used in preparing kitchen safety matches. Epoch Exports are the premium Kitchen matches manufacturer in India.

Where can I find the Kitchen Matches Manufacturers in India?

Access quality kitchen safety matches from Epoch Exports. Epoch Exports ensure our kitchen safety matches are safe and reliable to use. This is the main reason why people approach Epoch Exports.