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Epoch Exports customizes a wide range of wax safety matches. Wax Safety Matches are precisely manufactured with fine quality machines and under the oversight of experts, thus making us one of the leading wax safety matches exporters. We prefer to procure high-quality raw materials, the latest devices, and technology for production. Working with industry-experienced workers, they ensure that the Matches meet the customers’ requirements. We use raw materials such as paraffin wax and phosphorus to manufacture the same. They are incredibly lightweight and ignite in one stroke. The matchbox is made from the fine-grade duplex board, while the splints were made with perfectly chopped tissue paper and Wax. Wax matches are damp-proof. They are handy for residential as well as commercial use. For custom matchstick boxes, approach us because we are known as bulk matchsticks exporters across India.

Benefits Of Epoch Exports Wax Safety Matches Are

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely light
  • Made of duplex board
  • A perfectly made splits
  • Damp condition burning

Splints We Offer (Can Be Customized)

The burning heat of the match stick produces splints. As per customers’ demands, we customize splints. Wax sticks are available in 30 millimetres, 32 millimetres, and 34 millimetres.

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Wax Safety Matches Manufacturers
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Wax Matches Online

Looking for a convenient and reliable way to light up your life? Epoch Exports brings you top-quality wax matches that guarantee a steady flame every time. From lighting candles to campfires, our wax matches are perfect for all your fire-starting needs. Don’t settle for ordinary matches – experience the difference with Epoch Exports’ Wax Matches Online. Shop now

Specification Of Wax Safety Matches

Epoch Exports customize wax safety matches as per customers’ demands. We offer 40 x 33 x 12 mm, 43 x 30 x 10 mm and 53 x 37 x 11 mm in 3650, 4600 and 4400 cartons. Epoch matches are easy to use, made of duplex board, and extremely light and split are perfectly made

Size we offer Packing
40 x 33 x 12 mm 3650 Cartons
43 x 30 x 10 mm 4600 Cartons
53 x 37 x 11 mm 4400 Cartons

Why Choose Epoch Exports Wax Matchsticks

As pioneers in crafting top-quality wax matches, we prioritize your safety and convenience. Our wax safety matches are meticulously crafted to ensure consistent ignition while prioritizing user safety. With a perfect balance of functionality and safety, our wax matchsticks are ideal for various applications, from household needs to outdoor adventures. Choose Epoch Exports for unparalleled quality, trustworthy performance, and the soothing assurance of wax matchstick excellence
Colour Of Head

Customization is available for the colour of the match stick head. Epoch Exports offer black, red, and brown colour heads in the wax match sticks.

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Side Friction

The side friction in the match sticks plays a vital role and may vary based on different types of match sticks. For example, the side friction in wax matches has a dot with margin and a plain strip with margin.

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Wax Matches Packaging

Our innovative Wax Safety Matches is the solution you’ve been searching for. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever used before. The Epoch Export team has carefully crafted these wax safety matches to provide you with the highest quality and best experience possible. Our packaging includes 10s, 100s, and 1000s packing are available. In the 10s, the Bopp packing and printed wrapper are available. In the 100s, only shrink packaging is available.

Number Of Packages Available In Wax Matches


Why choose Wax Safety Matches?

Wax matches, also known as smoker safety matches, are manufactured for the ideal smoking purpose as they give out long and bright flames. Epoch Exports are the leading wax safety match manufacturers in India.

What Wax is used for Wax Safety Matches?

Wax safety matches compose of Paraffin Wax which ensures the flame goes down the stick. Usually referred to as smoker safety matches, our wax matches are ideal for smoking as they give out prolonged and bright flames.

Where can I find the Wax Safety Match Manufacturers in India?

Contacting Epoch Exports is the only safest and soundest option for premium quality of wax safety matches. Because we are the exclusive wax safety matches exporter to produce foremost products just for you.