Wooden Matches Manufacturer & Exporter

Epoch Exports provide an enormous mixture of Wooden Safety Matches. Our offered matches are manufactured under the supervision of trained professionals with the most delinquent technology and top-notch primary material, thus making us one of the prime wooden safety matches manufacturers and exporters in India. Moreover, provided matches are checked against various parameters to maintain their quality. Apart from this, these matches are available to our clients in different packaging options at affordable prices. Longer burning time single strike lighting eco-friendly. There are several wooden matchstick manufacturing and exporting companies in India, but Epoch Exports are known as India’s leading wooden matchbox manufacturer and exporter.

Why Choose us a Wooden Safety Manufacturer & Exporters

Epoch Exports stands out as a trusted name when selecting reliable long wooden matches. We take pride in leading rigid safety matches manufacturers and exporters, offering a range synonymous with quality and safety. Our long wooden games ensure extended reach and steady ignition, catering to various needs. Committed to sustainability, our partners are crafted from eco-friendly materials, free from harmful substances.

Benefits Of Our Wooden Safety Matches

Epoch Exports proudly presents its collection of wooden safety matches, combining innovation and safety for your fire-starting needs. Crafted with precision, our wooden matches offer a firm grip and steady ignition, minimizing the risk of accidents. Embracing eco-friendliness, these matches are crafted from sustainable materials

  • Easy to hold
  • Strong & Durable
  • Higher burning time
  • Smooth and strong sticks
  • Available in multiple length and sizes
  • Colourful and attractive packing

Splints We Offer (Can Be Customized)

Epoch Exports customize an exclusive range of match splints that are highly durable and can use for several applications. We offer splints that are 40*2*2 millimetres and 42*2*2 millimetres.

Wholesale Wooden Matchboxes

If you’re in search of high-quality wooden matches wholesale, look no further than Epoch Exports. Our brand offers an extensive range of wooden safety matches that blend convenience and safety seamlessly. Whether for retail, distribution, or large-scale needs, Epoch Exports’ wooden safety matches are the ideal choice. Crafted for reliability and safety, our matches ensure a steady grip and clean ignition. With a commitment to sustainability, they are free from harmful chemicals and eco-friendly. 

Specification Of Wooden Safety Matches

Epoch Exports customize wooden safety matches in a tremendous variety. Some of our type of packing includes 2400, 2500, 2850, and 2950 cartons. In addition, Epoch Exports customize raw material splints that are high quality. We offer sizes that range from 51 x 35 x 13 millimetre to 48 x 35 x 12 millimetre. Epoch Exports customize in such a way it is holdable, strong, durable, smooth, firm, vibrant in colour and attractive packaging.

Size we offer Packing
51 x 35 x 13 mm 2400 cartons
50 x 35 x 14 mm 2500 Cartons
49 x 35 x 13 mm 2850 Cartons
48 x 35 x 12 mm 2950 Cartons

Looking For Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer

Color of Head

Epoch Exports an extensive range of wooden matchsticks products, including variations of colours such as black, brown, red, and blue.

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Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer
Side Friction

The friction in Epoch Export matches is margin with dot design. We customize matches on two sides as well as four sides border.

Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer & Exporter

Wooden Safety Matches Packaging

Epoch Exports Offer Maxi Sizes, Regular Sizes, and Mini-Portable Sizes in our Wooden Matchbox Range. In addition, our packaging has high-quality standards to ensure your products reach your hands with quality and security. From PVC packing and shrink packing to many more, Epoch Exports ensure your products are in premium packing and quality.

Number Of Packages Available In Wooden Safety Matches

The packaging of the matches varies according to the number of matchboxes. For 10s, the packing is entirely in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) packing and printed wrapper.

Pvc Packing

Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer

The polyvinyl chloride packing is lightweight and durable, and thus packaging is made more accessible.

Bopp Packing

Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer

The Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a thin plastic usually used for covering matchboxes because they have a long shelf life and standard friction.

Printed Wrapper

Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer

The entire matchstick box is covered using a printed wrapper and then delivered to the markets.

Transparent Polybag

Wooden Matchbox Manufacturer

The transparent polybag is in diverse sizes. This transparent polybag is easily accessible, and we can pack the match sticks per customers’ demand.

Printed Polybag

Wholesale Wooden Matches

There are multicolour printed polybags; Epoch Exports customize the print color based on customers’ needs.

Shrink Packing

Wax Safety Matches Manufacturers

As the name indicates, the packing is compact. Hence, they are also called pocket-friendly matches.


Why choose Wooden Safety Matches?

Wooden safety matches are preferential by the clients, as these are secure and comfortable to strike. In addition, these are known for their strong, complex, and indestructible properties. Wooden safety matches are widely preferred because the wooden stick prevents the blazing fire in the match is gone out.

What wood is used for Wooden Safety Matches?

The soft wood from the gymnosperm tree is often described as white pine, and the creamy white sapwood with whiteness in it called aspen is the predominant wood used for these purposes.

Why are Wooden Safety Matches a safe option to use?

In general, wooden matches are always a safer option to use. However, Epoch Export’s wooden safety matches are extra safe to use, we customize them in a way that are smooth, durable, and strong.

Where can I find the Wooden Safety Matches manufacturer in India?

Epoch Exports is one of the leading wooden safety matches manufacturers, contact us now for a better option.