Safety Matches Exporter in India

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Safety Matches Exporter in India

Epoch Exports is a renowned Match Box Manufacturer and Exporter based in Kovilpatti , serving the domestic market with top-quality safety matches. Our experienced professionals oversee each operation in separate units to ensure optimal efficiency and high-quality products. With a commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction, we have earned the reputation of being the leading safety matches exporter in India. Our wide variety of safety matches, designed to provide a perfect flame in a single strike, has gained customers’ trust worldwide.

Why are we called as leading safety matches exporter in India?

Epoch Exports stands out as the only brand that prioritizes exceeding customer expectations by offering a variety of safety matches that satisfy their needs, earning a special place in customers’ hearts across the globe. Our commitment to providing unparalleled satisfaction has allowed us to maintain a strong brand image among our audience and  making us the top safety matches exporter in India.


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Wooden Safety Matches Manufacturer

Wooden Safety Matches

At Epoch Exports, we specialize in manufacturing and exporting traditional safety matches and providing our customers with top-quality wooden safety matches. Our range of wooden safety matches is carefully crafted to deliver superior functionality and safety to users, making them highly sought-after by our customers. Trust us to provide you with a premium selection of wooden safety matches manufacturers and exporters that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Wax Safety Matches

We take pride in our range of wax matchboxes, expertly crafted using tissue paper and coated with paraffin wax. This unique combination results in excellent splint strength, flawless flame, and suitability in all weather conditions. Our wax matchboxes come in various sizes, including maxi, regular, and mini-portable, making them a popular choice among smokers. We use high-quality tissue paper chopped and coated with paraffin wax to ensure optimal splint strength and a smooth flame suitable for all climates. Our wax safety matchboxes are available in various sizes and designs, featuring plain, dotted, and jointed striking surfaces with four-side margins. Made from quality duplex board, our wax safety matches can burn damply and transfer a perfect flame to the splints.

Long Kitchen Matches
Kitchen Matchstick Manufacturers

Kitchen Safety Matches

Our kitchen matchboxes are specifically designed for residential and commercial kitchens, as their name suggests. These boxes are incredibly durable and resistant to dampness, making them ideal for use in any kitchen setting. Our matchboxes feature a side edge blended with a friction-dotted surface, ensuring a superior single-strike ignition. We take pride in exporting kitchen matchboxes made from only the highest quality raw materials, ensuring extra glow in every strike. Our range of kitchen matches is extremely versatile and useful for various household purposes, featuring a safe long-burning stick for household use. We offer a premium selection of kitchen matches at competitive industry-leading prices.